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Cercopis vulnerata

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A difficult one, as there appears to be no specific data, apart from where the adults might be found. In the instances that they have been recorded in and around Lincoln, 2 were from vegetation some 10M from water. One from the flood control bank of the Upper River Witham*, the other from an identical habitat, on a drain in the Boultham Mere* area. It seems that most sitings of this species are of individuals in habitats that vary from woodland to more open types. Open type habitat would certainly include brown field sites, and for the 3rd record this would apply. They were recorded in their 100's from a raised bank bordering the site on one side, and a very busy road on the other. Only one side of the bank was surveyed as the other side went down into a ditch, which did appear to have running water, so it could be that they were present in their 1,000's. The latter is speculation of course, but a point of interest was noted with regard to the flora for it differed from the more typical flat ground habitat considerably.The most prominent species of flora on the bank were Dock, Hogweed, and Mallow. Less dominant were Grasses, a Vetch species, and around the base Chickweed. It could be well worth while doing a bit of investigatory digging in early spring, based on the abundance of C. vulnerata at the site. It might establish as to what roots the nymphs feed on.

Hopefully, will be updated in spring 2012.

* The strech of bank 200M down stream from Russell Street bridge.

* The stretch of bank of the drain running under Triton Road, City school side.

Refer to host plants for Lincoln records, full county data not known. Nationaly, coomon.

Photographer: Talbot, Michael. Publisher: Talbot, Michael.

Talbot, Michael
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